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The Visit (2000)


The Visit (2000) - Theatrical Poster The Visit (2000) - DVD cover art
Hill Harper as Alex Waters Billy Dee Williams as Henry Waters Hill Harper as Alex Waters & Marla Gibbs as Lois Waters Rae Dawn Chong as Felicia McDonald Phylicia Rashad as Dr. Coles Obba Babatundé as Tony Waters


When Alex is sent to prison for a vicious crime he swears he didn’t commit, his family – at the insistence of their brutally strict father – abandon the boy to his fate. Behind bars for what could be a life sentence, Alex subjects himself to a solitary existence, his spirit crushed by the cramped prison cell. A terrible tension tightens every muscle in his body with a frustration equaled only by his father’s rage. Both are ready to explode. There’s one way out of prison for Alex, and that’s in the hands of the parole board. But there is a way out of his self-imposed solitary with the help of a young woman he thought he’d never see again. It’s something to live for. Something to die for.

Directed by: Jordan Walker-Pearlman
Written by: Jordan Walker-Pearlman, based on the play by Kosmond Russell


Michael Bearden – “Big Brother”

Wallace Roney – “Little Prince”


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